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I've Found Jesus

2008-03-12 04:09:20 by BobbyGainsbourg

i was lost, but now am found, was blind but now i see.

I've Found Jesus


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2008-03-12 04:17:20

You're moving on up now... yeah, out of the darkness.
You're life shines on...

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

ooh, primal scream. we can kiss if you want.


2008-03-12 05:48:52

I found Jesus about 2 months ago. He lived on top of a parking garage, and smelled of really strong liquor.

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

that probably wasn't jesus, don't demean by deeply held beliefs


2008-03-12 06:02:26

Jesus is in my fridge


2008-03-12 07:53:17

Heh congrats man! It's great to have you part of the family..

All i have left in this world is my faith in jesus.. Get ready for a FUN ride.

: FUN!

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

we're brothers in christ!


2008-03-12 07:54:10

Also, just so you know.. you can't quote in comments on userpages..
Just to save you from embarrassment in the future.. All for you my man.


2008-03-12 08:35:23

You also found your two inch penis I have heard.

(Updated ) BobbyGainsbourg responds:

its nothing to be ashamed, doctor says ill grow into it

also, 3 inches when erect! so yeah!


2008-03-12 20:21:34

Jesus will pwn you!!!!!! jesus is cool


2008-03-14 07:05:00

I hope you really are Christian and not just taking the mick and you could just delete that really long comment with the n word in it.
On a completely unrelated topic why dont you level up?

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

of course i am a real christian, imagine if i wasn't, how quickly i'd be going to hell for this. and i COULD delete that comment,

believe me, i thought for a very long time about what to do with it,

and there were like 10 of them at first, but i deleted all but one. the reality is that us as christians will always be persecuted for our beliefs, but i don't believe that censoring that and pretending it doesn't happen will fix the problem. instead, we should rise above it.

that's why its still there. i'm rising above it.

and also who cares about levelling up.


2008-03-14 08:07:19

have fun with your god, i for one cannot believe in him, but if it makes you feel happy to have faith in something unprovable good for you.

Go Atheism!!

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

there's nothing all that different between you and me, the idea that the universe was created by a big bang is just as unprovable. it's not that you cannot beliveve in god, but that you don't want to.

go jesus! i would die for you! <<33


2008-03-14 08:27:00

Jesus gayes


2008-03-14 08:32:41

Newgrounds isn't the place to take your religion....At least not to the forums. There are clubs and crews for things like this. Also, satanism FTW!

BobbyGainsbourg responds:



2008-03-14 08:44:11

You're just proving my point more. We don't want this kind of intolerance in the bbs, or anywhere else. And you obviously don't know what you're talking about, because Satanic people don't actually worship the devil...

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

you're telling me to piss off because of my religion but i'm the intolerant one


2008-03-14 09:03:19

love your work man, brilliant.

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

Thanks, there'll be more so be sure to check back. : )


2008-03-14 09:13:01

No, I'm not telling you to "piss off", though it's quite annoying to read your posts. I'm speaking as a whole of newgrounds.

Some people might agree with you, but much more don't. Newgrounds is surprisingly, for the most part, anti Christain, and in the end bringing religion to the bbs spouts meaningless arguments. They will usually be a lot less intelligent than one such as this.

And if you ever post a religious thread in general, it will get locked for the above reasons. Also, you just called what you thought was my deity a faggot. Sounds pretty intolerant to me, bud.

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

being intolerant of false idols is part of christianity. but ok.


2008-03-14 09:24:47

Now I am just going to assume you're an alt. Happy trolling, ass-hole.

BobbyGainsbourg responds:

what? why? i don't get it.


2008-03-16 00:13:22

man who cares if he christian or not... let the man spread his way of religion...

anyways glad to hear u like my music man!